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My Specialties

  • The higher the hair, the closer to heaven.

    Gov. Ann Richards
  • Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.

    Marilyn Monroe
  • You gotta love livin’, baby, ’cause dyin’ is a pain in the ass.

    Frank Sinatra


Calling all Prom Queens

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on March 5th 2014

You’ve got a date. The after party is set.  Your dress is smashing.  Now book your appointment for your styling / up-do!

I’m booking up slots, and they’re filling fast, for Prom Up-Do’s and Styling for your big weekend!  Send me an email through the Contact page or hit me up on Facebook today!


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Something New in the Works

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on March 5th 2014

Welcome to my new website: ChateauSimoneaux.com!  I plan to utilize this as a message board for exciting deals and news, as well as showing off some of me!

I’ve got something very exciting in the works, new look, new services and tons of big smiles!

If you’ve come by to see me lately, you’ll know that I …

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Chelle Simoneaux

As a senior stylist, Chelle has quite the reputation for more than her beautiful persona and sassy wink. Always moving forward, Chelle pursues innovation still after 18 years of being in the business. Chelle Simoneuax has been a top pick representing Austin salons doing Hair & Make-up for visiting stars at SXSW and the Austin Movie Awards, as well as sought after by many brides-to-be. Now, after 11 Years in San Marcos, Chelle enjoys her vivacious and loyal clients who have followed her all along, hugging each client with a smile, making their trip from South Texas, San Antonio, El Paso, Dallas and even Austin, simply beautiful.
After completing her certification as an Advanced Deva Curl Stylist and Pintura Colorist in the SOHO District of New York City in 2013, Chelle now springs new life into the frustrating notion that there is nothing to do with curly hair. Chelle touts the mantra all Deva Stylists know by heart:
“Curly Girls and Guys, surrender your blow-fryers, flat irons, detergent-filled shampoos, and other weapons of mass hair destruction. Embrace your curls and start living the curly lifestyle! “ -mydevacurl.com

My Magic...

  • Advanced Deva Curl Stylist & Pintura Colorist
  • Styling / Up-Do's
  • Make-Up Artist
  • Esthetician

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